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more than just a print and design company 

Introducing Our
Print and Design Studio

Welcome to MC Graphic Design Studio.

MC Graphic Design Studio assists sole traders, small businesses and larger corporate companies with Print and Graphic Design services. Providing knowledgeable advice and print management for all your print/design enquiries.

My name is Katy and I have been in the print and design industry for over 15 years. My family and I moved to the UK mid 2018, where I spent much of my time looking after my daughter, upskilling on various courses and enrolling for level 1 to masters of becoming a Mindfulness Practitioner.
In 2019 after being contacted by a number old clients looking for me to assist them with some freelance design work I decided to start MC Graphic Design Studio here in the UK.
My focus is to be
more than just a print and design company,
to go above and beyond my clients expectations - ensuring not just quality print & design, but open / honest communication - where I could build a long lasting business relationship while providing reliable service and print management.


Our services can assist in all forms of printing & design,

including and not limited to standard or bespoke options

- we can assist.

**We work alongside only a handful of trusted & quality driven artists & suppliers ensuring you get the best every time.**

"Know what you are paying for.
Invest your trust and time withMC Graphic Design Studio - with us you know you will only get the best in

Quality & Service."

Known for our

Personal Service
Passion & Dedication
Open & Honest Communication
Industry Knowledge
Innovative Design
Mindful Awareness

- Recreating Low Res Designs/Logo
- Business Cards
- Flyers / Posters
- Banners (standard & roller units)
- Invitations / Cards
- Books (stitched, bound ect)
- Office Stationery (letter heads ect)
- Brochures & Folders

- Print on Demand (mugs, pens,       
tshirts, keyrings, bags and more)

Specialist in print/design

"Want the best?
We are here to help you get started."

Our Business Services


Print & Design

Even in this very digital age,
Print and Design is a powerful business tool. You will always need a business card, brochure, banner, flyer and other print collateral in promoting your company's products or services. 


*Lasting Effect
*Lasting Impression


It all starts here with
MC Graphic Design Studio
print and design services!


Print on Demand


NOW offering in house branding for mugs, tshirts, shopping bags, pens, bottles and more.

We can assist with
Print on Demand,

We can produce small to large quantities ranging from

1 to 500.

This can be for one off gifts or for  corporate / promotional events.



Coffee Retailer








Sourcing only the highest quality beans from across the globe to create delicious brews, blends and flavours that will transport you to each country as your senses explore the luxury tastes and aromas.

2021 Acuppa Coffee - Logo.png


Inspire Clothing
& Home Living

Inspire Clothing, is there to inspire you, build your confidence and reflect how you feel.

Home Living, we are bringing you beautiful home accessories to add some flare and design to your home.
Make it your space your own!


Mindfulness Coach

What does a mindfulness coach do?

A mindfulness coach helps you to practice mindfulness in daily life. This would involve both moments of challenges and joy.
A mindfulness coach helps
in executing the basic techniques. The coach guides to build a satisfying practice of wisdom, perspective, kindness, and self-compassion.

£48 per 50 min session


More Than Just A Print & Design Company,
Your Partner In Creating Powerful Impressions


Mindful Initiatives

"Together Lets Make A Difference"



Money Raised in 2019 £284.15 Santa Cause For Paws (South African Charity) Diabetes UK: Million Step Challenge (UK Charity) Raising Smiles: Donation (UK Charity) Ollies Army: Fundraising through Footprints  Nursery Bollington



Money Raised in 2020 £63.87 2020 was a tough year for raising funds as our business took a huge knock during lockdown, but we managed to pull through some funds and also devoted some of our time and skills to assisting with free designs. Children in need: Fundraising through Footprints Nursery Bollington (UK Charity) Santa Paws: Poorly Drawn Pet Poster Design (South African Charity) Santa Paws: Mandela Day Poster Design (South African Charity)



Money Raised in 2021 £158.25 WWF UK: Donation towards Pandas & Snow Leopard (World Wide Charity) All Creatures Great & Small: Kennel Sponsorship (UK Charity) Just Giving - Ethans amazing wildflower bombs: Donation towards sponsorship (UK)




2022 GOALS

This year we want to focus on taking the steps to reducing our carbon footprint and helping protect animals and children. These will be baby steps, but I am super excited to be part of creating some small amount of difference.

Step 1: Reusing boxes & other packaging

Step 2: Reducing office printing & if required to, using eco friendly paper & reusing blank side of printed sheets that is no longer needed.
Step 3:  Encouraging clients to use Recycled material for print marketing that just gets thrown away (ie. business cards, flyers, brochures ect)

Step 4: Improving bio diversity on a personal level by planting flowers & shrubs that will attract birds, bees, butterflies ect.

Step 5: Focusing Mindful Initiative funds to 4 groups;

* Bio Diversity (plants, trees) * Animal Extinction * Domestic Animal Shelters * Children's Charities

Step 6: Change begins with Educating people - Environmental, emotional & mindfulness education, helping people to think beyond themselves and see the effects that we are having on the world and children, our lack of consideration of the elements around us. Donations towards charities are no good if we cannot look at ourselves and see the lack of knowledge that we have in terms of the effect we are having on day to day living. That one bag of rubbish that we through into the field, that one field of wildflowers and wet land that we destroy to build on without planting new, that one ivory item we purchase at a market, and not to mention the effects of an unstable home environment on children (emotional maturity & awareness of our actions).


Introducing Our Initiative

Always striving to be more than just a print and design company!

We want to make a difference no matter how small or big.

The purpose of this initiative is to generate a percentage of money for non-profits and organizations in need.


We believe that every Person & Business can make a difference in the world; when I sat thinking about this bold statement and how my business could be part of making a difference it occurred to me that it could not be achieved without the support of clients. There was only one way of making this Initiative work and that was to dedicate a percentage of money made from each design, print and product sold - this way not only was my business achieving this bold statement of making a different, but it would include you our client.

Without your support this Initiative will not be possible.

Thank You for supporting our business!



Katy Hedgcock

Founder & Creative Director for

MC Graphic Design Studio

& Mindful Initiatives

Freelancer at a cafe

News & Updates of 2022