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Mindful Initiatives

Updated: Jan 15

"Together Lets Make A Difference"

"Together Lets Make A Difference"

Introducing the Initiative

MC Graphic Design Studio (MCGDS) wants to make a difference no matter how big or small. The purpose of this initiative is to generate a percentage of money for non-profits and organizations in need.

"I believe that every Person and Business can make a difference in the world or within their community!"

When I sat thinking about this bold statement and how my business could be part of making a difference it occurred to me that it could not be achieved without the support of clients. There was only one way of making this Initiative work and that was to dedicate a percentage of money made from each design, print and product sold, as well as put in time to volunteer in community projects and work towards reusing packaging / up cycling items that would just go in the bin.

I started this initiative 4 years ago and each year I support various charities, organisations, community projects and fundraising events.... even taking part in some myself.

Mindful Initiatives is 100% apart of MC Graphic Design Studio and forms part of who I am as a person and business owner. I do not plan on stopping anytime soon and look forward to many more years of working towards making a difference.

Without your support this Initiative would not be possible.

Thank You for supporting my business!

Katy Hedgcock

Founder & Creative Director for

MC Graphic Design Studio & Mindful Initiatives

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