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About MC Graphic Design Studio

more than just a print and graphic design company

A company created to:
- Provide valuable advice and solutions for your design and print marketing requirements

- Assist in finding an identity for your business through IMPACTFUL design and print

- Offer full Print Management for your print marketing

- Share talented and inspiring people / businesses

- Collaborate with like minded businesses / people

- Take part in community projects, mental health awareness, environmental initiatives and fundraising for charities (read more about Mindful Initiatives).

"Growing Together, Supporting Each Other, Making a Difference"

Known for our

Industry Knowledge
Impactful Design & Print
Personal Service & Quality
Passion & Dedication

Open & Honest Communication

242 Clients

Over 1000

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with us you know you will get 
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My Story

Meet the Founder

Founder, Katy Hedgcock

Katy Hedgcock
Founder & Creative Director of
MC Graphic Design Studio &
Mindful Initiatives

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January 2017, two months into my pregnancy, I started planning to become a freelance graphic designer, but a lot of changes were coming, so I decided to hold off on going it 'freestyle'. In June 2018 after 11 years working at Elegant Foil & Print (South Africa) as a Digital Production Manager / Graphic Designer, I resigned to peruse a new adventure. Armed with an amazing husband, a 1 year old daughter and 3 dogs, we moved to the UK at the end of July 2018.

In April 2019, after settling into our new home in England, an opportunity arose to assist a company with their Graphic Design. This was the right moment to start my own business and with the support of my husband, I took the chance at offering to be a freelance graphic designer and 4 years later I am still assisting that same company.


Over time I have grown my client base slowly, working with some of the most amazing and talented people / businesses in different industries. These clients trust my capabilities beyond what I specialise in, which allows me to learn, develop and evolve my skill set.

The Journey to this point has been one of the most testing I've been through (losing my mother 2 months prior to moving, letting go of cherished memories, saying goodbye to family, friends, our home and adjusting to a new country and culture, all while being a mother was tough), but those mile stones prepared me, shaped how I run my business and who I am today - it amplified my passion, dedication and drive.

Clients I have worked with

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